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Product Specifications

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Product Description

Say Goodbye to Acne

Contains 18 pcs of day use patches.

Six Key Advantages, Perfect Concealment, No Visible Acne

  1. Concealment – Translucent, thin exterior and thick interior of patented design make acne highly invisible, and make-up friendly.
  2. Ultra thinness – The design of super thin edge with 0.01cm can fit the skin perfectly without foreign body sensation.
  3. Protection – Next-generation hydrocolloid material effectively absorbs secretions, promoting wound healing.
  4. Isolation – It avoids hand touching the acne from being infected and prevents from external pollutants.
  5. Breathability – PU outer film is breathable and waterproof to prevent the breeding of the germs.
  6. Convenience – The central tear-off line prevents unwanted materials from touching your hands. It is safe and hygienic, and does not have ragged edges.

Patented Design of Acne Patch

  • Ultra-Thin – The invisibility makes the patch almost undetectable on the skin
  • Hydrocolloid material – Works like a sponge to absorb pus and oil

Action Principle of DermaAngel Acne Patch 

  1. Acne with pus
  2. Attach DermaAngel acne patch. Acne patch absorbs the pus.
  3. After pus absorption, acne patch acts as a protective layer that prevents from bacterial infection.
  4. The acne wound is recovered without scar.

How to Use: 

    1. Step 1: Clean the acne area and hands. Dry them well.
    2. Step 2: Remove half of the acne patch release paper.
    3. Step 3: Remove the left of the release paper.

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