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Product Description

• Lasting Cooling Effect
The clothes is coated with cooling ingredient after you spray WearCool on it. When you sweat during hot days, you will feel cool as long as the cooling ingredient coated on the clothes! So the duration of cooling effect is long. (Duration differs according to using condition)

• Usage
Just spray to clothes, the cooling effect will be on the way with you whenever you feel hot and sweaty.

• How it works?
After spray to the clothes, the clothes will be coated with the effective cooling ingredient(l-Menthol).

Then when you sweat, the sweat will contact with the effective ingredient which creates cooling sensation. Mint scent gives you refreshing feeling

• How to use?
(1) Turn the blue stopper in the middle to 「OPEN」.

(2) Spray the product to the entire clothes from a distance of at least 10 cm(3-5 sprays to one part). It is effective to spray the product to the clothes corresponding the sweaty body parts such as armpits, back, or neck.

(3) Turn the blue stopper in the middle from OPEN to the original position.

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