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  • Principelle IF Honey Based Bio-Active Wound Care Dressing

    Principelle IF Dressings contain medical grade dark buckwheat honey (98%) with following properties: Anti-bacterial  Anti-inflammatory  Anti-oxidant  Anti-viral  According to the National Honey Board, the acidity of honey ranges from a pH...
    From $163.00
  • Pelsan Skin Regenerator Cream 150ml

    Pelsan is a skin regenerator cream developed specially for dehydrated skin resulting from heat and sun exposure or after radiation therapy.Pelsan is a powerful moisturizer supporting fast recovery of damaged...
  • Principelle Celan Medical Grade Honey Based Skin Care Ointment 30G (Exp 28 Feb 2023)

    What is Celan®? Celan® is a medical grade honey based skin care ointment which contains active herbal ingredients with proven biological activity.  It can be used to relieve irritated skin...
  • Principelle IF Honey-Based Ointment 10g/20g (Exp 31 Jan 2023)

    Principelle IF Ointment contains medical-grade dark buckwheat honey, with a blend of trace elements and oxides. It is a natural product with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties. When applying...
    From $34.00
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