Mediacorp Feb Campaign - Aurigamart
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  • EPI KLEEN Wipes 70% Alcohol Disinfectant 160 Sheets

    Easy way to clean & disinfect effectively. It contains 70% Alcohol-based Disinfectant wipe. 160 sheets Contain a special solution recommended for cleaning and disinfecting medical instruments and surfaces.  Effective against...
  • DUOLAC Care Probiotics Capsules 60s Expiry Dec 2021

    Scientifically developed for everyday maintenance of healthy gut. 6 clinically proven, flagship probiotic strains, fortified with vitamin C. Individual, easy-tear packaging, requiring no refrigeration. Lactose free and gluten free. Expiry Date:...
  • Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel 5g

    Expiry date: 10/1/2024 What is Strataderm?Strataderm is a rapidly drying, non-sticky, transparent silicone gel formulation for the treatment of old and new scars and scar prevention How Strataderm works?For old...
  • Jamieson Adult Gummies Vitamin C 250mg Natural Tangy Orange

    Delicious orange flavoured gummies  Antioxidant source for the maintenance of good health Gelatin-free No artificial colours or flavours   Product Description Jamieson Vitamin C Gummies are a fun and tasty...
  • [Bundle] [Limited Edition] Dermacool SHIELD Reusable Mask (Dark or Faded Jeans) (without nose clip) + Dr Morita Tea Tree Acnes Foaming Whip Cleansing Mousse Cleanser 145ml

    Logo Color (Random) Premium Nano polyester material which provides Comfort and Durability. Contains Zinc Oxide which acts as Anti-Bacterial Enhanced protection compared to SPORTS with water repellent layer on the...
  • [Buy 2 get 1 Free] Terumo Nanopass 32.5G Pen Needle 100s

    Specifications 32.5G x 4mm  32.5G x 6mm 32.5G x 8mm Item Description Asymmetric bevel - The unique asymmetric bevel of NANOPASS® cuts the skin instead of puncturing it. This decreases...
  • [Bundle 2] Hakubi White Drink 60ml x 10's Expiry Jun 2022

    With Vitamin C to help prevent spots, freckles and pigmentation caused by sunburn. Vitamin B6 enriches Vitamin E’s antioxidant effect. Antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. Active Ingredients (per 60ml bottle):Tocopherol Acetate 100mg,...
  • [Carton Deal] Sawaday Mos-Bye Chamomile / Lemongrass / Lavender

    Formulated with herbal fragrance to repel mosquitoes.Does not contain DEETS. It is safe to be used even for children.Works as a deodorizing air freshener with a pleasant herbal fragrance.Easy to...
  • [Bundle of 2] Viplus Gold 60+ Nutritional Adult Formula Expiry 17 Mar 2022

    | DIAA SILVER AWARDS WINNER 2020 | Viplus 60+ Senior Formula is a formulated supplementary drink that has been produced using fresh Australian milk. It contains no fat, high in...
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