Aurigamart Rewards Terms Of Service


    1. Aurigamart Rewards Loyalty Program (ARLP) members must fulfil both qualifying criteria of minimum orders and minimum spend (in SGD) during the 1-year qualifying period to earn reward points for the membership.
    2. Aurigamart reserves the right to determine the issuance of rewards points awarded until the transactions, including payment, are completed. Reward points will be awarded only for completed orders and related spend from selected shops. No reward points will be awarded for returned, refunded, or cancelled orders.
    3. Reward points awarded during the preceding 12 months shall qualify you for the ARLP membership for the following 12 months of the membership year.
    4. The ARLP membership is non-transferable and shall be for personal use of the Aurigamart user only.

2.1.     ARLP members may use the reward points to redeem for rewards (“Rewards”).  Rewards must be used within the validity period. No extension of validity period for Rewards upon expiry.

2.2       Rewards can not be used to redeem for cash nor exchangeable or transferred for value for other Rewards. 

2.3       Aurigamart retains the right to reject any Reward that has been tampered with or found in any way unacceptable, or suspicious of fraudulent in nature. 

2.4       Aurigamart is not responsible for any accidental usage or cancellation of Rewards, and no replacement will be provided under any circumstance.


3.1       Aurigamart reserve the right to suspend the calculation and accrual of reward points to rectify any errors in calculation or adjust the calculation as it reasonably deems fit, without a need to provide you with prior notice or reason.

3.2       Fraud, abuse of redemptions or any dishonest activities related to the ARLP by you may result in the forfeiture of all accumulated reward points and termination of your account.

3.3       To the extent as permitted by applicable laws, Aurigamart reserves the right at any time, to vary, modify, amend, revoke, terminate or make any change(s) to the ARLP without the need to provide you with any prior notice to you and at its sole and absolute discretion.

Updated: 1 June, 2021